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Hollingsworth Law Offices is devoted to skillfully securing our clients’ Family Law interests and aggressively protecting the rights of debtors needing solutions to severe credit problems.

Protecting Divorce and Custody Rights

Representing people from all walks of life, Tyler Hollingsworth knows what a difficult time you are going through. If you and your spouse agree on most aspects of your property division and the custody of your children, our firm can make sure you are taken care of legally throughout. However, in many other cases, divorce is far from easy. Disagreements over child custody, child support, asset division, alimony and other issues are common, and they can turn your divorce process into a quagmire of frustration and emotional upset. When this is the case, our firm will work tirelessly to clarify and pursue your aspirations, ensuring that your rights and the rights and interests of your children are given the maximum possible protection.

Working with People with Debt Trouble

Financial trouble due to factors beyond their control leaves debtors feeling frustrated and hopeless. Once debts start to accumulate, penalties, interest and collection fees can cause the debts to continue to mount on their own. Bankruptcy is a government endorsed program to assist people whose financial burdens have become too much for them to bear. A skilled Bankruptcy lawyer can help a debtor put an end to harassing phone calls and collections actions and can help to stop the cycle of ever increasing burdensome debts. A good Bankruptcy lawyer can help to put consumers back on the path to rebuilding credit and financial freedom.

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